Being hit by a Bus

One of the worst things about having this beast MS, is first thing in the mornings.  I have been dx now 5.5 years and every monring when i wake up i feel as if ive been hit by a London double decker bus.  I am sure many of you MS'ers out there can relate to this.  Thankfully though after some time my body comes round and i start to feel better.  I was up this morning at 6.05am, and went for my early bird 4 mile run, and although it was pretty tough, it aso felt great.  5.5 years ago i thought i was never going to be able to run again, but once i got my plan in place and started to beat the MS i am now running marathons, 1/2 marathons and participating in other events.  Have a great day all and remember #Atitudeiseverything and #NeverGiveUp