Business As Usual

When i got dx with MS in 2007, i thought that my career in business was pretty much over.  How was i going to be able to work and have a successful career, with the way i was feeling and the daily symptoms i was experiencing.  I have always been very entrepreneurial and from an early age i have been ambitious to do the best i can and be the best i can.  I qualified as a chartered surveyor in 2005 and was doing quite well in the property industry in Northern Ireland despite my young age when dissaster struck through my illness.  However the future didnt look too bright now and how was i going to support Kate going forward if i wasnt able to work and build my dreams.  A very difficult time and im sure other MS'ers reading this can relate to it. 

Once i started to turn the tables on the MS, i also started to believe in myself again, that i could be an entrepreneur and achieve in life whatever i put my mind to.  This is exactly what i did.  Through personal development i got my desire back and  belief in myself and started to set about putting the structures in place that would support me financially in later life.  I started to study successful people over the next 2 years to include Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Robert Kiosaki, Jim Rohn, James Allen, Heny Ford etc etc...  I did this through reading and studying various pieces of literature and books.  I started to work out what i needed to do to have a chance of having a successful career.  In the past 24 months i have put alot of the material i learned through this period of personal development into play.  Today i am running a very successful Real Estate and Corporate Restructuring business in the form of The GDP Partnership.  I also own a Real Estate Consultancy business in form of Devine Commercial.  The business world is extremely difficult right now and my view is it will get tougher over the next few years.  Regardless of the terrain, if you want to start your your own businss you can despite the challenges you face.  MS will never dictate to me and stop me from doing business - that is one sure thing!!!  Whatever you are at today have a great day and remember #AttitudeIsEverything and #NeverGiveUp :))