DMD's Yes or No? to help in Fight against MS

When i was dx in 2007 my neurologist advised me to start a course of disease modifying drugs immediately.  He explained that these drugs will not prevent MS from developing however he told me that they will help me and slow down the progression of the disease.  As i was not an expert in MS and neurology, i was happy to take the advice on board and started a course of Rebiff Interferon.  Very quickly i worked out that the Rebiff was not agreeing with my body and in fact i was getting sicker if anything, so i went back to my neuro and he told me to come off it and go on Copaxone.  That i did and to this day i inject every morning my daily dose of copaxone.  I meet some people who have MS and they are very against medication and i respecrt their views.  However there has been some incredible advances in medicine in the past 20 years and i would now clearly advise others to look into DMD's and in my experience i feel they may help with your fight against the MS.  Its important to get on the right drug though as in my experience i had to try another one first before i found one that suited my body.  I am now certain that Copaxone along with the other parts of my plan has helped me beat the MS and i will continue to take it to help me with my daily battle.  Have a great day all and remember #AttitudeIsEverything and #NeverGiveUp