Marathon Man - Running all over Multiple Sclerosis

Hi everyone - i have just been accepted today to take part in this years New York Marathon.  I want to share with you that i am very excited at this news and over the next couple of weeks i will be putting a plan in place which will get my body in the right condition to tackle and achieve my next big goal in November this year.

I am so grateful that my health is in such good shape that i am in a position to run the marathon later this year.  As i write this i am acutely aware of the hundreds of thousands of MS sufferers out there who even walking 10 metres is a major challenge.  When i am running through the streets of New York City with my Ipod bopping in my ears,  i will be running thinking of every single person with MS. I will be thinking of all the 2.5million or so people dx worldwide and i will be running with the hope that you all find some peace and improvement in your condition no matter how small that may be. I dreamt a few years ago that i would beat this space invader and i will continue to spread my positive message in the hope that it inspires even one person to start and fight back and beat MS.  Remember all *** #AttitudeIsEverything and #NeverGiveUp