MS and the seven year rule theory

I made the decission to write my own book in 2011, as i was starting to realise that i could actually help people by me sharing my own story in relation to my positive MS experience.  I am nearly finished the manuscript and really looking forward to seeing the book in my hand come September/October later this year. 

As part of my research i have been studying other MS'ers and looking at how they have been fighting back against the disease.  One of my MS heros is the American talkshow host Montel Williams.  He was diagnosed with MS over 10 years ago and is now a very active MSAwareness campaigner.  He has written many best sellers on his own MS experience and i would encourage you to read his accounts and experiences as he makes some excellent points and shares lots of tips on how to beat this space invader. 

One theory he shares with his readers is in his book Climbing Higher is his experience when he had his first consultation with Dr Olson who was a director of the Department of Molecular Medicine at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.  Dr Olson explained to Montel the “seven year rule”, which was however you are for seven years, will be how you are for the next seven years.  If you have experienced any level of worsening or degradation over a seven year period, it is likely this will be repeated over the following seven year period.  If you stay flat you will likely stay flat.  If you have one episode in seven years you will likely have one episode in the next seven years .  Dr Olson advised Montel that this would likely be the rule of thumb to you reach a certain age, where it seems to be cancelled. 

I thought this was very interesting and when people like Dr Olson talk i would tend to listen.  have any of you cme across this theory and if so what are your views.  I am nearly 6 years into my MS situation and the first 2.5yrs were extremely difficult but thankfully the last few years i am winning the battle.  Lets hope the next seven years remain the same as the last few. 
No matter how you feel today people remember to #NeverGiveUp and #AttitudeIsEverything *_*