My MS Story

When i started to turn the tables on the MS, i slowlyy but surely started to get my confidence back and believe in myself again.  Over the past 2 years since i took control, i have been setting goals and smashing personal goals which has been great.  For the first few years i didnt want people to know i had MS as i still had'nt accepted my condition and to be honest my head was in a spin.  However gradully i started to accept where i was and when i was ready i came out and started to talk to friends, family and strangers about what had happened to me.  I very quickly starterd to understand that the people i spoke to thought i had a great story to tell and epecially when i staretd to talk to other MS sufferers i could see that my positive experience was giving them some hope and bite back.  For this reason i decided last year to write a book of my MS experience knowing that through my recovery and positive outcome i can help others believe in themselves.  Can i say this is not limited to MS as i now believe that every illness is beatable with the one condition ---  you have to start with the belief that you can actually win the battle.  If you have the belief and build a plan around this, you can become unstoppable.  I am looking forward to releashing my book later this year and hope to finish the manuscript in the next few weeks before it hits the publishers.  When the book is out i will be officuially an "Author" --- i never thought i would have that in my CV... :) Have a great day all and remember #AttitudeIsEverything and #NeverGiveUp