Paul Mc Closkey - True Irish Warrior

Lat night Paul Mc Closkey lost a boxing match to a very dangerous and experienced opponent from USA in the fom of Demarcus Corley.  Yes thats what happened - he lost a boxing match.  The fight was stopped in the 10th round when Corley caught Mc Closkey with a right hook to the head.  The ref jumped in and stopped the fight which in my opinion was the right thing to do as Paul was clearly hurt and we have seen too many times the devastating effects boxing can have if fights are not stopped when the boxer cannot defend himself.  In terms of the fight itself, Paul was certainly not at his best but like alot of his bouts he grew stronger as the fight went on and if he had of kept out of trouble the liklihood was he would have won the fight on points.  Unfortunatley we will never know if that would have happened however what we do know is that Paul Mc Closkey is one of Irelands true warriors who like many boxers sacrificed almost everything for the sport and the family he loves.  Today Paul will be feeling pretty flat and dissapointed which is a normal reaction to the dissapointment of last night.  However Paul its not the falling down that counts but the staying down. Every boxer on earth gets beat, and the best get back up, dust themselves down and pushe on with their life.  No matter what Paul decides to do whether he boxes on or retires or whatever, the facts are that he has inspired thousands of Irish all over the world to chase their dreams.  Its people like Paul Mc Closkey who inspires me to keep fighting against MS and to never give up on my battle.  For that i an truly grateful and i havet met you in person yet Paul but i will some day and when i do i will thank you in person.  Fair play to you on your efforts so far and whatever you chose to do next, keep inspiring buddy.  Goodnite all and remember #AttitudeIsEverything and #NeverGiveUp
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