13.5 miles... Just Keep On Running !!

So yesterday i completed the longest run I've done this year...13.5 miles.  That's just over a half marathon and beats my previous long runs this year by 0.4 miles.  I've already completed 2 half marathons in 2012 namely Larne and a trail at Crossgar, and i hope to do Newtownards at the end of June.  For those of you who do not know, I am training for the New York Marathon in November where i am running alonside my brother in law Jonny (JC) Callan ::: this is one of the reasons for the training. 
People often say to me - what they hell are you doing all this running for? and how could you be bothered?  well I've got a very simple answer for you  --- when i was diagnosed in 2007 with Multiple Sclerosis, going to the supermarket to get the shopping with Kate was a serious challenge for me.  To be honest I literally stayed in the house (more or less) for two years and cut myself off completely due to my symptoms.  I struggled to cope with the illness and the physical symptoms were really distressing.  Around that time i made a decision that I was going to beat this space invader and when i did, and i was strong enough to share my story i would start to test and challenge myself.   I was thinking that by me completing challenges and smashing goals I might just encourage others to fight back against whatever obstacles they maybe facing.  Certainly i now have loads of examples of people who have MS who have gained some hope by the fact that i have been able to fight and beat the condition - this is really gratifying!!!

So a very simple explanation then folks.  Next week I plan to run 17 miles and i  know tonight its going to be very difficult and quite painful, but I'm telling you now i will do it, and just to let you know for sure, i will blog about that run this time next week.  Thats all folks, take care all and remember #NeverGiveUp and #AttitudeIsEverything