Don't Take your health for granted!!!

So today i was speaking with a friend of mine when he informed me that his daughter of 25 years old was diagnosed with MS.  He was obviously devasted with this and it was even more difficult as his daughter was going through a difficult time as her symptoms were quite severe.  I shared with him my experience also in my first few years and the fact that i too was quite ill at a time.  However i also shared with him, that you can improve, and that his daughter needed to get a  plan in place and also study the condition so that she will be in a good position to start and fight back.  The bottom line is this young lady is in for a fight like all of us MS'ers the rest of her life.  I happen to believe that if you equip yourself right and apply the right attitide you can improve and achieve almost anything including better health.

The point that i would like to raise here is how many people do we all know who walk about worrying constantly about things that at the end of the day are not really all that important?  I would suggest we all do this in some shape or form.  Also ask yourself who do we know that is healthy and literally takes their own health for granted and is'nt really very grateful that they are in quite good health.  Again i would sufgest we are all guilty of this to a certain extent.

In this mad world we live in where everyone seems to be getting businer by the day, how about each day you take 3 minutes to yourself and be thankful for everything that is positive about your life.  This will give you a sense of perspective and take you away from the rat race that we are all now a part off for a few very short moments.  Just a thought.  Remember people #AttitudeIsEverything and #NeverGiveUp