Jack Osborne - Multiple Sclerosis DX

The big news dominating the newsdesks and pressrooms worldwide this week is that Jack Osborne, son of the very famous Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 26 years old. An MS diagnosis is devastating to say the least and there is no way of dressing that up however, from the little bit that I've read, Jack seems to be approaching such a difficult diagnosis with the right attitude, and i hope that he gets all the advice and medical care he needs to cope, as certainly for me i found diagnosis and following 24 months the toughest to deal with.

I have also spoken with 2 other people this week who have informed me that their pals children have just been diagnosed with MS and they are also in their mid twenties.  This year alone I personally know of over 10 young adults who have got this dreadful diagnosis. Its fair to say I am concerned at the amount of people contracting MS now and one thing i would point out is that more people seem to be alot more open to actually coming out and sharing with others the fact they have the condition, and my view is this can only be a good thing.

Back to Jack, and my advice to him and anyone else who has just been diagnosis is to try and stay as positive as you can.  MS is not a death sentence and i have alot to thank the condition for in a weird way to be honest, as its changed my life in so many good positive ways.  Yes off course it has also caused me alot of stress and the symptoms for the first 3 years were very difficult to deal with however you need to understand not all is lost. The massive plus side of Jacks diagnosis, is that by this celebrity being diagnosed, it has raised awareness of the condition world wide which is a very positive development.  MS can hit on anyone at any time, and if you are reading this, YES it could happen to you, it happened to me at 28 years old and i was 100% healthy.  My point is that the more you know about the illness, then the better equipped you will be to deal with it.  Anyone who is sick or has a problem of any kind, you need a plan and if you implement that plan it will give you a chance to fight back against the adversity.  I was in the trenches for a long time before i started to improve, so the message is arm yourself with as much information as you can, stay positive and believe you can improve.  #Attitude sEveryThing and #NeverGiveUp