Take Control --- It worked for me and can work for you!!!

when i got diagnosed with this space invader and seriously annoying condition, i remember very clearly the orders my neurologist gave me during the consultation;

"Conor you may forget about football, and forget about training because now you have MS. You really need to take things easy now and .... by the way you should also wind down at work, as a stressful job is not helpful for people with MS.

As i left his office my head was in a spin and i was overcome with a tsunami of negative thoughts.  These thoughts stayed with me to one day a couple of years into the diagnosis, i woke up and started to fight back which i document very openly in my book Attitude Is Everything - coming out later this year.  My point here is that my neuro was programming my brain to accept the fact  that my MS was going to be my boss going forward and that really i should just accept the fact that things are going to be pretty crap for the rest of my life.  It was bad enough getting the diagnosis but i now take the view that medical professionals need to be a little more sensitive to the situation and also be very careful when they are advising their patients.  Have a think about this for a second.  When i was diagnosed in 2007 - why did the neurologist not say the following;

"Conor the first 2 years will be tough but if you get a plan together, get on the right medication, get your diet right, implement an exercise program that works for you, and also wrap this up in a super charged positive approach to the illness you could be in great shape by 2012.  In fact Conor i believe you will be fit enough to run marathons and will lead a very normal life"

Well that's what he could have said but he didn't, however its the reality with me today as i am in great form and winning the battle:) I would encourage every person who is dx with MS to take all advice on board, however do your own research and then develop your own winning spirit to fight back and YOU take control of the MS not the other way about.  It is accepted that those who have a very positive approach to their illness generally are those who make the most progress.  Have a think about this and remember #Never Give Up and that #Attitude Is Everything