10 Marathon Commandments

I have only another 16 weeks to go to race day and I'm starting to get a little bit excited about running the best race in the world... the 2012 ING New York Marathon.  To all you runners out there i have detailed below, 10 commandments that any marathon runner should consider seriously;

1 - 1. Make sure you’re physically fit for the activity you’re undertaking
2 - Train properly
3. Follow guidelines for proper nutrition
4. Maintain adequate hydration.
5. Warm up on race day, and stretch every day
6. Dress according to the weather.
7. Use proper, comfortable running shoes.
8. Watch the condition of the surface.
9. Go at your own pace.
10. Listen to your body.

Some of the above may seem very obvious, however if you stick to the 10 commandments, you will enjoy a much better race.  Hope this was helpful ;

#NeverGiveUp #AttitudeIsEverything