Crazy World

I've just come back from a family holiday in France and i made the commitment to myself and my wife before going that i would turn my phone off, refrain from social networking and try and switch off from the mad crazy world that we live in.  Well that's what i did - kind off.  In our hotel room i still had BBC news and CNN news channel and as i watched this everyday i started to wonder what on earth is going on in this mad crazy world we live in.  Everyone is so busy trying to make money, pay the bills, survive, rip people off, kill people, exploit people and all sorts of other misdemeanours that you wonder what its all about. 

I spent a few mornings in France running along the sea front and that's when i do my best thinking.  I own a company with my partner GDP Partnership who specialise in helping people solve problems which are largely financial and its really amazing how many people who are currently in serious distress over their financial status. The difficult is that over the next 5/6 years the world faces huge problems.  The problems in the Eurozone will continue to worsen, the economy will continue to struggle, war will continue to threaten in many parts etc etc - on the face of it there seems to be not too much to look froward to right? 

I tend to try and work my mind to focus on the things that are positive and try and focus on the situations that i can effect and assist in a positive manner.  As a result and off the back of my break, I have reviewed my goals for the 2nd part of  2012 and looking forward to making a difference in the months ahead.  I can assure you i have many challenges facing me but sure so does everyone.  Its definitely going to be a challenging 6 months but in my view its important to get around the right people, remove the doubters and negative people from your lives and try and climb a little higher every single day.  Life is way to short and if you want a good book to read i would suggest you get George Friedman's The Next 100 years - he has a very interesting slant on what might happen and certainly i would assume that maybe 66 years from now (i am 34 and believe i will live to 100) i will likely leave this place and go to a better one so i have lots to do whilst i am here*_*

Remember everyone #NeverGiveUp and #AttitudeIsEverything