In 100 years Time 2122

My sister bought me a Kindle for Christmas last year and it has turned out to be a great buy as Ive really gotten into it in the last few months.  Its much easier to download a book in 5 seconds and pop the kindle in your bag than carry 2 huge thick books on holiday - so all very clever.
I've just started reading a new book this week called the Next 100 years by George Friedman.  Its a fascinating read and as I was hitting the next page button of my kindle the other night, what i was reading, really got me thinking.  So many people are caught up in what I would call the daily rat race.  We all live, day to day, hour to hour and minute to minute.  Everyone is very busy and we don't have a minute in  the day to take a step back and just asking ourselves  - whats it all about.  Time is zipping past and its important in my opinion that we all have our goals, get a plan in place to achieve them and then take the action necessary to smash each and every one of them one by one.  In 100 years from now, sure who cares, you wont be here to tell the tale.  Life is a blessing and should be enjoyed.  So if your not happy, do something about it.  If you have a health concern, fight back against it.  If you are in a relationship and want out - take the action necessary to make things better.  Stop complaining and just surviving, start living and start thriving.  I just hope that in life i turn out to be as good a person as my 2 year old Lilyanna and my 2 dogs (Lola+Bonny) think i am today:)  Remember #NeverGiveUp and #AttitudeIsEverything