Get back on your Horse!!!

I spend most of my time in my business life trying to help people who are in a difficult financial position, and right now with the world economic downturn in full flow, there really is alot of people broken by debt and feeling as if there are no solutions out there.

On a personal capacity in my spare time (the little i have) i try and help some people who are struggling with an MS diagnosis through my website and positive story.  This work is great and I now find it quite easy to be positive as my personal development training over the past few years has added to my skill-set in  a way that i can communicate with people quite comfortably in this area.  The majority of people i talk to re MS are not dissimilar to those with financial problems as they also believe there is no hope and that their life is more or less over.

So I spend alot of time in the support network, trying to come up with solutions in my professional career and in my personal life, sharing my positive story with others. 

The one thing i would always say to everyone i speak to is..... Never lose HOPE. 

HOPE is a great thing - the best, and you have to believe no matter how bad you are, how broke you are, how sick you are, how devastated you are - THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE.

I personally believe that everything is possible and i have seen some great healing stories, financial recoveries, personality reincarnations in the past few years.  Life is a gift and full of challenges, but its important to keep popping the fences and try and stay on your horse as best you can.  Off course you will fall off now and again, who cares and you are only human.  But remember this - dust yourself down and get back on the horse and keep going.  I happen to believe that if you have the right attitude in life, you can be and have what you want out of life.  Most people do not understand that the answers to their problems lye's within themselves.  You have to open your mind to hope and work hard to beat whatever challenge / fence is in front of you.

The trick is to Never Give up.  pain is temporary - Quitting is permanent.  Life was never meant to be easy, but i can say that when you develop the right mindset after being on the floor a few times - you will be in  a much better place.

Stay Positive all and remember #Attitude Is Everything