Marathon Training Update

In 10 weeks time i will be running the New York marathon.  26.2 miles through the streets of one of the worlds finest streets.  I am starting to get excited as i know the experience will be fantastic and to even get a chance to run in NYC marathon will be one of the best experiences of my life.

This will be my 2nd marathon after last years run in Belfast where my time was 4hrs 36mins, and at the finish line i was completely shattered in every single way.  What i learnt from that experience was that if i didn't approach New York differently in terms of my training then i was in for another 4hrs and 36mins of pain. 

Let me be frank - if you want a challenge - a marathon is one which will test you in every way.  One of the things i find really difficult is the fact that i do all my training on my own.  If you have a running partner its much easier but unfortunately that's just the way it is with me.  However I have been determined over the past few months to be prepared for New York and thankfully to date i am on the right track. 

However the next 10 weeks will make or break me as i have alot of training runs to get in - 18 in total.  Over the next 10 weeks i plan to run approx approx 250 miles, so you catch my drift.

I also am doing some gym work, Pilate's and a new Chinese exercise class Chi Gung once a week.  I have a marathon goal time, but will keep it to myself for the next few weeks and will post on twitter the week before i run.

I am loving the fact that i am getting fitter and I'm starting to feel stronger and come the big day I feel i will be in decent nick for the race.

I am running this year for Cancer Focus NI and Action MS - two great NI charities.  As an MS sufferer i hope i give others with the condition some hope and inspiration that just because you have MS, does not mean you have to stop dreaming and have a negative life.  Everything is possible and if you apply the right attitude, you can do anything.

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Take Care all and catch you again very soon
#NeverGiveUp #AttitudeIsEverything