Attitude Is Everything

So i am nearly there, in 7.5 weeks i will be in New York City getting ready to run 26.2 miles in what will be a spectacular day of festivities.

I spent most of January this year in Australia on holiday with my family  were my training started for my big day in November.  As i was running down to Bondi Beach on my daily training runs taking in all the sites of that beautiful place i was imagining myself running through Central Park, down into Manhattan, past Ground Zero and taking in  all the sites that fantastic City has to offer.  I was excited back then so you can guess that i am pretty excited now we are so close to the event.

My training was going great to about two weeks ago when i tweaked my hamstring and unfortunately i haven't been able to get out on the roads since.  However i have been doing some gym work and getting treatment, so with the rub of the green i will be back pounding the roads next week, putting the final touches to my preparation.

This will be my second marathon after i ran the Belfast one last year which i found extremely tough.  When i finished the Belfast marathon i told myself that i would never run another one again.  However i suppose i really enjoyed the challenge and also the fact that people with Multiple Sclerosis are not rally supposed to be running marathons - or that's what some people think right??

Well what a load of rubbish that is.  When i was diagnosed with MS in 2007, most of the so called medics told me to pretty much stop all physical activity and just take it easy - for the rest of my life.  I listened to these so called experts for about 2 years - then i woke up thankfully and decided i was in control of what i wanted to do, not the MS - i put the building blocks in place over the next 36 months which has given me a platform right now to push on and set and smash whatever goals i set myself.  I have an unbreakable attitude and  looking forward to the challenges the next number of weeks have in store for me.

I meet people every day, loads of people, all with their own challenges, problems and difficulties to overcome.  Some people handle pressures better than others.  What i would say is those people who have a fantastic attitude, are generally always the ones to win their battles and never give up.  If you apply the right attitude to any situation, there is more chance of a positive outcome than a negative attitude.  That seems a very simple philosophy but its amazing the amount of people who haven't worked this out yet.  You attitude will determine your altitude, so work on it, embrace personal development, get around positive people, bin the dream stealer's and you will be on the right road.

New York New York...... here i come #Dreamers Move Mountains

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