New York - 4 Weeks to go

This past 4 weeks have been extremely frustrating as i have been nursing a hamstring strain and haven't been able to get out running.  In exactly 4 weeks to the day i will be running through Manhattan taking part in my 2nd Marathon since my MS diagnosis in 2007.  My training was going well to i got injured and this past few weeks i have been doing some strength and conditioning work, trying to get my body strong so it will carry me around the best city in the world.

I have been getting some physio this past couple of weeks and fingers crossed the hammy will have recovered and i will get round in one piece.  I had a time goal to target since i took on this challenge however with the injury i have had to review this.  i will decide where i am time wise in the next few weeks - injury pending.

This year i am running for Action MS and also Cancer Focus NI.  If you would like to sponsor me please do here

I hope a few good things come out of this challenge and the message i want to keep spreading is that everything is possible and a diagnosis or illness does not mean your life is over.  Attitude is everything people and if you get that part right, you will enjoy the rewards.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)


ps  My new bok will be out on 1st November 2012 - #WOW