Why write a book - who should read it?

In the next 2 weeks my book "Attitude Is Everything - My MS Story" will be released worldwide through Amazon.  It will be available on Paperback, Kindle and also Ebook.  I have to say that it has been a great and interesting journey putting it together, but to be honest not overly difficult for me.  I don't mean this in an arrogant way however when you are writing about yourself and your experiences in the last number of years, as long as you can remember what happened to you and how you felt, putting it down on paper seemed to come natural to me.
I started thinking about writing this book around the Summer 2011.  I was dx with Multiple Sclerosis in August 2007 and found the next few years very difficult, but since i worked out how to beat it i have been doing well since 2010 and getting stronger with the passing of each month.  As i began to talk to other people about my experiences, i found that they felt i had a very strong story and message to share with people.  When other MS sufferers started to contact me looking advice and asking me questions, i felt empowered at that point to take some action and put my very difficult but rewarding struggle down on paper in the form of a book.  So all the hard work in the past 12 months is finally at an end as the book release is imminent:)

So what is the book about and who should read it?  Well obviously the book is about me and what happened to me and how a very fit young man can come to get this thing called MS completely out of the blue at 28 years old.  I explain in detail what happened to me that first day on honeymoon in Mauritius, the following week and next 12 months right through to diagnosis.  The book captures a 6 year period from the onset of the illness to today - when i am in a much stronger fitter place, able and willing to share my experience. 

I share in the book my 3 point plan which i implemented enabling me to beat the MS, and i also share with you some other nuggets that i embraced that gave me the strength to overcome my illness.  I go into detail regarding the fact that i believe everyone of us hits a wall at some point in our lives - it could be financial, a relationship, bereavement, an illness - no one escapes challenges and in my case the MS was my wall that i had to try and overcome. 
There is an old saying that if you are in a room with 10 people and you all throw your problems onto the floor, you would take your own back as the other 9 people seem to be much worse off.  There is probably a lot of truth in that.

My message is that if you have and apply the right Attitude, it doesn't matter what your problem is or height your wall is.....you can overcome it.  I am very passionate about this, as i know the struggles out there right now.  Every household has issues and problems to face, no one escapes - but it is how you deal with these challenges that will determine your success and fulfilment in life. Its so easy to give up, throw in the towel and wallow in self pity - but hopefully through my story and the other people i have detailed in the book, you will see that you can change things if you do one small thing - Tweak your Attitude.

I wrote this book in such a way that i feel most people will enjoy it and also get some benefit from reading it.  I talk about a thing called personal development, and i don't care who you are but if you embrace this concept alone and commit to it, you will find your personal circumstances change for the better.  People suffering from MS will obviously find my book very helpful as i share with you lots of information that has helped me fight and win the battle.  Others with illnesses or challenges i also feel will certainly find some of my philosophy's interesting and engaging.

So there you go, i hope you get a copy and thoroughly enjoy it.  If you do please let me know as i would love to hear your feedback.

Remember all #Attitude Is Everything and #Never Give up