Goals - 2013

So 2012 is nearly over and over the next 10 days i will take a few hours to myself and do 3 things;

1) Review my goals of 2012
2) Pen my goals for 2013
3) Meditate for a short period to prepare my subconscious for an even better 2013

It amazes me how powerful actually writing down goals can be. I was first introduced to this through personal development and in more particular through a book by Napoleon Hill called "think and grow rich". Such a powerful publication and if you are serious about progressing in your life be it personal or business, this is a must read.

Most people i know have goals however, when you ask them if they written them down? the normal quickfire response is that they don't need to, as they know what they are. That's fine however i would suggest if you are serious about actually achieving and smashing goals, you need to write them down as you shouldn't be able to remember them all.

Last Christmas I wrote down 17 goals both personal and business and I'm delighted to say I've achieved 13 of these. The other 4 were not achieved however some because my plans changed and others are work in progress.
There are a number of personal development and life coaches out there who promote and encourage goal setting. A guy i admire and would encourage you to have a look at is Billy Cox - have a look at his site and search goals to you see what he has to say!!


So my tip for closing out the year is, have a open mind, take some time and write your goals down for 2013. Its amazing how quickly time is moving and this time next year you will be in a position to properly assess what type of year you had.

Its a really interesting process if you engage with it properly and its also important to remember ::
#Attitude Is Everything