The Late Late Show - MS Awareness

Its 9 days since i appeared on the LateLate show, Ireland's number one talk show and i have to say that i got an incredible reaction from the general public.  For the benefit of the reader, i want to share with you my motivation for doing the show, writing my book and being very vocal about my MS journey.  The reason is very simple;

When  i first got my symptoms 6 years ago, i had no idea what was happening to me.  For 12 months, i thought i was dying and was slipping into a dark hole.  When i got diagnosed my world completely fell apart.  There was very little information available on MS, the medical profession are quiet on it, and the only MS stories you tend to hear are really sad and negative accounts.  It took me nearly 3 years to work out that despite an MS diagnosis, you can still go on to have an incredible life.  I searched the net and there was no one in Ireland, the UK, or even Europe who was publicly out there and sharing a positive story.  I then found one guy called "Montel Williams" in the USA and it was through his positive lifestyle that led me to others who were also doing well.

So in short, the reason why i am committed to raising the profile of MS and MS Awareness, is that i now know that if other MS patients see my story, it can inspire them and give them some hope that they too can go on and do very well.  If you have no hope you have nothing. 

Since the show, i have received over 500 emails from people across the country and further afield all saying that it was fantastic to see someone with MS on the Late Late Show, sharing a positive story. I received emails from MS sufferers, family members, husbands and wives all who got some strength from my story.  I have to say that this feeling is very gratifying and is the reason why i will continue to shout high and low on behalf of MS'ers out there.

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Keep well everyone