Update on New Book

So I have eventuallly published my book, Attitude Is Everything - My MS Story.  It was a serious challenge putting this together and i learnt alot about myself putting my experience of the past 6 years down on paper.  It was also a fascinating experience going down the self publishing route as its not very straight forward to a virgin author like myself.  However all the hours and late night calls to my publisher in the USA have paid off as the feedback i am getting from the manuscript is very positive indeed.

There are alot of people asking me where they can buy the book.  The best place right now is from my website at www.conordevine.com OR you can also get it on Amazon, both the .com and the .co.uk.
In the next few days the book will also be available on Kindle version which again is very exciting for me. In Northern Ireland the book is available in Sheehys Book shop in Cookstown and in the next 6 weeks hopefully Waterstones and Easons will hopefully be stocking it.  If you want to stock my book, please get in touch with me at conor@conordevine.com.

In the past few weeks I have received so many emails from people with MS or people who are living with and caring for someone with MS, just to say well done and the fact that my little story was giving them so much hope and enthusiasm.  This is an incredible feeling and completely justifies me doing this book.  I am really a private person deep down and its not easy opening up to the world and telling your personal business. Its also not easy on my nearest and dearest, but i know they understand and fully support me on this.

If you have read my book and enjoyed it, I would be very grateful if you wanted to leave a comment on Amazon.
This year i will be speaking at a number of events in N Ireland, South of Ireland,UK, Australia and also the USA.  I will continue to push the boundaries, push my mind and push the stereotype of MS to I can push no more.