I can hardly believe how quick the last number of years have passed by.  I will be 7 years into my Multiple Sclerosis journey come August and to be honest it seems like yesterday.  The time sure has flown by and I suppose as I reflect on things a lot has happened in this time frame. 

The good news is I am doing very well right now and I hope the next 7 years are like the last 3.  If they are I will have a great time.

This month is MS Awareness month and I will be doing all I can to raise awareness of the condition worldwide.  At the minute I am receiving emails and letters every day from people all over the world asking me all sorts of questions regarding MS.  I do get through them all and the one constant theme in all the correspondence is this thing called FEAR.  It pains me the lack of understanding and awareness of MS in Ireland and around the world and this all adds to the fear of the condition.  We all have to do as much as we can to help others understand the condition and its been great to see the advances in the medical side of things in the past few years.  The ultimate goal is clearly to find a cure for this condition, and the sooner the better as it can be very very nasty!!!

The point is this - you can have MS and still have an incredible life - that is a fact.  I say to people all the time especially the newly diagnosed, arm yourself with as much information  as possible, so that you know all the possibilities with the condition.  Once you have a full understanding of MS you can then work on putting a plan in place to fight it.  Yes fight it!!!!! If you don't do this it is very likely it will overwhelm you and put you on the back foot.  You need to work on your attitude, and once you get this right, absolutely anything is possible.

My book Attitude Is Everything - My MS Story was released 5 weeks ago and my publisher tells me it was one of the top selling motivational books in February.  I am delighted to hear this but more importantly its even more gratifying when people read it and come back to me with some positive feedback. I wrote the book with the one mission to help at least one person who was struggling with MS or any other form of challenge.  I now know that I have achieved my goal which feels great.

So as we go through this month - feel free to get in touch with me, email me or tweet me and lets share stories and thoughts on this complicated neurological condition called MS.....

#AttitudeIsEverything @conor_devine