Berlin Trip - MS Awareness

A few weeks ago I was invited to take part in a pharmaceutical conference which was being held in Berlin on Tuesday 3rd April 2013.  The purpose of the visit was to share my story with over 300 of the company's employees.  Basically the goal being to give the employees a better understanding of this very complex neurological condition called Multiple Sclerosis.  All in there were 10 patients from across Europe and I was the Irish guy, who had been invited to take part.

I landed in Berlin airport and there was a guy there ready to take me to the hotel.  I got a quick bite to eat and was then taken to a conference room facility where over the next 90 minutes I shared my MS journey with the company's representatives.  At the end of the presentation we did a Q+A and I got through all the questions no problem at all.  The attendees seemed very interested and asked some great questions. All in all it was a good experience and it was great to get the opportunity to speak in front of so many people.

The outcome from the event I think will be positive as I have no doubt the employees knew a lot more about MS after my talk and what its like to be a young man struck down in the prime of his life.
The other thing which struck me is yet again a common denominator with MS.  There is so many people who know very little about the condition.  Its amazing the lack of information there is about MS and the fascinating thing is that nearly every one I know or speak to, knows at least one person with MS - isn't that interesting, yet we all no very little about it.  Why is this the case?

My goal over the next few years is to continue to raise awareness of the condition and the fact that you can be diagnosed with MS and still lead a great life.  I will do this through my book, website and speaking to whoever wants to listen to me.

I flew home the next morning into Dublin and on reflection really enjoyed the trip and looking forward to the events that I am lined up to speak at later this year.
I am also very grateful as there are those who are struggling with the condition right now, so for as long as I am fit to do so, and people continue to be interested in what I have to say - I will continue with my goals.

For further information, please visit my website #AttitudeIsEverything