Cannibas - Is this the answer for MS Sufferers

I recently just got back from a trip to Germany where I was speaking at a pharmaceutical company's European conference.  It was a great experience and I got the opportunity to discuss with some of the bosses of the company, new drugs they are working on and also discuss the on-going research into understanding and ultimately beating this Multiple Sclerosis condition.  Its heart warming to know that each and every day some of the cleverest people on the planet are trying to get to the bottom of the condition and produce drugs that will make the lives of those suffering from MS that little bit easier.

Last week I was on a local radio station in Dublin and I was asked about my views on Cannibas as a drug which may help MS Sufferers.  One thing about me is I am possibly not politically correct and I don't really mind what people think of my views as I have confidence in myself and ability to discuss touchy subjects and stand over my opinions.

GW Pharmaceuticals a UK pharmaceutical Company has developed a cannabis-based medicinal extract product, to be marketed under the brand name Sativex. This will be available to MS Sufferers apparently as early as next year.  My own personal view is that if this new drug can help people then what is all the fuss about. 
I am sick of listening to politicians and others who talk about issues like this, mostly with their own agenda to the fore of their decision making process.  MS is a terrible disease and really only those who suffer from it truly understand what its like to walk around with it (if your lucky enough to be able to walk) every day.  There are over 53 different symptoms of MS and 4 different types and generally the thing is of a progressive nature.  Its not a nice condition to have and pain is one of the problems that people suffer from.

One of my inspirations Mr Montel Williams has been saying for years to legalise Cannibas as it helps him and others who suffer form the condition and it eases the pain.  In certain parts of the world this is the case.  Now I wont discuss on this blog my views on making the drug legal, however what I will say is that if Sativex does what it says on the tin then fantastic, lets get on with it and bring it to market.

I hope that one day in my lifetime there will be a cure for MS, I believe that they will certainly get to the bottom of it in the next 10 years - a cure - well that's a different story.  However the world moves on and the research will go on so lets hope the amazingly talented scientists remain inspired and determined to continue their great work in trying to make all our lives that little bit more manageable and increase our quality of life.

Remember all #Attitude Is Everything