Exercise - New Medicine for Multiple Sclerosis...... and all round health!

I posted this blog a couple of months ago and literally hundreds of you have viewed it, so clearly the headline got your attention.  Over the last few months I have met more and more people who seem to be using exercise as a way to manage and beat MS on a daily basis. I myself suffered quite badly with MS between 2006 and 2009, however over the last four years I have implemented a 3 point plan and my overall health has been completely transformed.

My plan was really 3 things namely 1) Medication 2) diet & exercise and 3) positive approach to my circumstances.  It is very difficult to quantify how good one is over the other however I am getting more and more feedback from people suffering from MS who seem to have started an exercise program and have seen their MS symptoms decline. I think this is fascinating.

My friend Bill Sink reckons his symptoms settle when he is running. My other buddy Gene Caffrey states the same and I myself find when I am training, my symptoms seem to disappear. Why is this I ask?

Well I don't know the answer but I am very interested in researching this more to see how many others out there are finding the same result. MS can be a very nasty condition and with 2.5m people suffering worldwide and loads more awaiting diagnosis, we need to get to the route of the problem.
I am going to continue with my intense exercise program, as I believe the fitter I am, the stronger my immune system will be, the better quality of life I will have.

However more and more as time goes by, many medical professionals are convinced that exercise is the answer to all round health and well being.  I am 36 on my next birthday and I have noticed in the past few years the numbers of people running, walking, cycling have increased massively and generally there does seem to be a change of mindset out there regarding people wanting to look after themselves a little better.

It takes a lot of will, determination and grit to get yourself up off the couch and get out there to exercise, but I guarantee you that the health and well being benefits by far outweigh the inconvenience and hassle.

So if you are a regular trainer, keep it going and even up the ante.  If you are thinking about starting, then do it today and go walk the dog for 15 minutes - not a bad way to get going.

Also If you are finding that exercise is helping you beat and manage your Multiple Sclerosis,  please let me know.

#Attitudeiseverything :))

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