First Adventure Race - 30 days to go !!!!

In just 30 days time I will be at the starting line for my first ever proper adventure race.  I have to say that I am really looking forward to taking this challenge on and it certainly raises the bar that little bit higher as to date my most difficult physical challenges have been finishing 2 marathons in the past couple of years.  Don't get me wrong, a marathon is a very difficult challenge, but something tells me that Gael Force North in Donegal on 29th June will supersede all my previous challenges. 

The race itself is set in the most fantastic setting in rural Ireland.  BunBeag nestled in the top left hand corner of the country in the beautiful county of Donegal is home to the event, which can be seen here The challenge comprises a 40km cycle, a 25km run and a 2km kayak.  I bought my first ever bike in January and to my surprise I have been enjoying getting out on it with all my gear on and its definitely not as sore on the body as running.  I have been running now for nearly three years and although it never gets easier, I have come to enjoy it more as the health benefits of it are fantastic.  I kayaked about 20 years ago and due to the fact its only 2km I am not too worried about that section of the course as my gym work and weights training should see me through this absolutely fine.

This August I will be 7 years into my Multiple Sclerosis journey - the time is moving fast alright but I can tell you had you have said to me on that beach in Mauritius when I was struck down by a mystery illness that I would be doing all this stuff 7 years later - well, I would have thought you were crazy!!!  My MS journey is certainly inspiring me to keep fighting, keep doing what others say you cant, keep raising the bar and hopefully keep giving others some hope that you can actually fight back against the MS and lead a fantastic and challenging life.  GaelForce North will be another fantastic day for me and I hope to complete the course in decent time and in one piece.  If I do this I will be one happy man.  Bring it on!!!