Climbing Higher - 2013 #SmashingGoals

When I sat down in December 2012 a few days after Christmas, I was writing down a list of things I wanted to do and achieve in 2013.  You could call this my goals list.  I have been doing this for the past few years and honestly its much more powerful when you do this exercise, as if it really is a true goal of yours then by writing it down, subconsciously you are at the beginning of achieving it.

As most of you who are following my journey know at this stage I am a huge advocate of exercise namely running in the past few years, and believe it has been a huge reason behind me winning my MS battle to date. On the list of goals pre Christmas I put down to compete in a triathlon this year, as I felt this would be a huge challenge, massive achievement and another milestone in my journey.

For those who are not sure a triathlon comprises three elements namely swimming, cycling and running.  So in January I started to prepare and bought myself a racing bike and started training on it once a week building up to twice a week.  The most challenging part of this event for me was always going to be the swim as although I could swim, 50/100 metres was plenty for me and I wasn't really a fan of deep water. So I started to get onto the pool and start my swimming training around February.  The running element was always going to be my strongest part of the event so I have continued to run throughout this year and thankfully I am getting a little stronger in this area and have remained pretty much injury free to date.

Well this time tomorrow night I can re-visit my GOALS booklet and put a line through another goal, as if all goes according to plan I will have completed my first triathlon.  Tomorrow morning at 9am I will enter the river Folye in Derry with 499 other triathletes to start the swim.  I am really excited about this event as I have heard fantastic feedback from other triathletes in terms of the enjoyment you get out of competing in this type of event.  Considering I only got my wetsuit 5 days ago and did my first open water swim 3 days ago, I could be slightly better prepared, however there is no turning back now. 

I never ever thought someone with Multiple Sclerosis could compete in triathlons, run marathons, cycle for miles, challenge themselves, challenge others opinions on the condition - in fact do literally whatever you want to do.  Well you can.  If there is one person reading this who gets even a little bit of HOPE from it then - hey presto, my drive and focus has been all worth while. 

When I am swimming up the Foyle river in the morning in what should take me 25 minutes to complete, I will spare a thought for anyone struggling with MS, and others who are struggling generally, being very thankful that I am strong enough and healthy enough to compete and complete my first triathlon.

Watch this space and remember #Attitude Is Everything