Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

Today I was speaking to a friend who told me her aunt was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago and she was shocked to here that I also had the condition.  She was the third person this week to inform me that they knew someone quite well who suffers from MS. It is amazing me how common this MS thing is getting in Ireland and although I have no facts to back this up, it seems that more and more people are getting diagnosed Every year -frightening.

They say 12000 people have MS in Ireland, my own view is a more accurate figure could be double that number.  I have no idea why this is and why the condition seems to becoming more widespread, however what I do know is we all should know a lot more about it, as if this was the case the stress of a diagnosis would undoubtedly lift.

Like every illness but especially MS there seems to be so few people who are doing well, even though there are plenty of ones leading a very normal active life.  If you do have MS and are doing well and feeling strong, I would encourage you to share your story, as it will lift and empower others to try and fight back against their condition and take control. There is a real shortage of MS patients prepared to speak out and share their tips and advice of how they manage to beat it on a daily basis.

I decided to share my story 3 years ago for this very reason, and got so much from it decided to write my book and thankfully it has received a very positive response from those who have read it.
It's coming up to my 7th anniversary of Me being acquainted with MS and I think I am going to have a small party to celebrate that particular birthday.  I have a lot to thank my MS dx for as one thing I do know is that it has made me STRONGER!

Thankfully my health is tip top at the minute, I'm running and training hard and the MS is in my pocket for the time being. Long may it continue.

Later this year I will be out and about sharing my story speaking at some events.  Keep an eye on my site for updates

#Attitude Is Everything