Climbing Higher *** July 2013

This past ten days have been rough for me - out of nowhere I have been thumped with a virus which I thought at one point I was never going to shake.  It wasn't the flu but shook my body from head to toe and It felt at times I had drank 10 litres of red diesel.  Not a nice feeling.
The doctor told me to rest and get plenty of fluids into me along with paracetamol and hopefully it would pass.  Well I think I am out of the woods as today was the first day in nearly two weeks that I was able to go for a run and a cycle -  way too long for me. 

Whenever these things happen to me I become extra concerned as I feel it could be the onset of a relapse and that's the last thing I want to happen at this point.  As I suffer form relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, that's generally what happens.  Virus type symptoms sneak up on you and before you know it you are in the middle of an MS exacerbation which could put you back months.  Thankfully it wasn't a relapse so lets move on!!

This year has been a fantastic year all round to date as I've hit every goal so far on the list I made in December 2012.  On 4th August I will be competing in my second Triathlon in Belfast and I am really looking forward to the event.  There will be a big crowd on the day and it will be extra special as I will be running through my adopted home City with friends, family and others cheering us all on.

I have to say the buzz of doing a Triathlon is fantastic as I completed Derry only a few weeks ago, I definitely have the appetite for the sport.  It gives me extra pleasure as someone with MS according to the textbooks and medics isn't really supposed to be doing Triathlons, so I like proving people wrong and raising the bar generally giving others hope.

In the next two weeks I will be running, cycling and open water swimming as much as I can to ensure I am ready for 4th August.

I need to get my body and mind more so strong again so I can do this event and the added bonus would be to get a personal best which I am confident of doing.

Stayed tuned for more updates as I will keep you posted

#Attitude Is Everything