Minor Operation disrupting Marathon Plans

Last Sunday I felt pressure gathering on my forehead as I was in the middle of a 7 mile run.  A few weeks ago I had the same feeling and was diagnosed with sinusitis - a virus around the sinuses, which if you get a bad dose is very painful. I took some meds at the time and thankfully it cleared up.
However out of the blue last week it returned and was causing me some concern.  The following morning (Monday) the pain became unbearable and I immediately got an appointment with an ENT specialist in the Royal for that afternoon.  He got me seen and told me the sinusitis had returned and prescribed a high dose of pain killers and antibiotics and said I was to come and see him Friday to get a scan to see how bad it was.  On Friday past I got the scan and got the worse news, 75% of my sinuses where inflamed and I needed a procedural operation to fix it.  I was just glad to get the problem diagnosed and ultimately if it needs operated on then I need to get it sorted.  Come to think of it I have had a problem with my sinuses for years so clearly I need to take the action and get it cleared once and for all.  I hope to get the Op in the next 2 weeks and then there is 2 week recovery time.  On my calendar it will be start of October before I can get training again - leaving me c. 4 weeks to get ready for the Dublin marathon - is this realistic all things considered?

This year has been fantastic in terms of the events I have completed and the goals I have achieved.  Toughest being the 67kilometre adventure race - GaelForce in Donegal. In terms of satisfaction this year it has to be completing the Triathlons in Derry and Belfast - both incredible experiences. 
If I don't make Dublin it will be a disappointment for me as I wanted to end the year on a high.  I will see what happens in the next week as I see a specialist who will confirm the next stages.

Stranger things have happened but at the minute I may have to give way to this years Dublin marathon reluctantly - but I still have a small glimmer of hope flickering that I will make the starting line - so lets see what happens........

Will keep you posted.

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