On Monday night past I met my ENT consultant who confirmed that I do need an operation to sort out my sinus problem.  He pencilled me in for the 27th September 2013 and told me that there is a 2 week recovery period assuming all goes according to plan.  I have worked out that I should be back in my runners (fingers crossed) by Saturday 12th October a full two weeks before the Dublin marathon my penultimate event of 2013. 

In the last 48 hours I have taken the decision to wire my brain in such a way that if I train hard up to the 27th of this month and get enough long runs in - take the 2 week rest post the operation and do maybe a weeks running after the recovery period - I will get my medal and get round Dublin in one piece.  At this point I am not even contemplating that I wont make the start line, in the hope that my subconscious will kick in and the op will be straight forward and all will be well.  So that's my plan - whether it works or not, I will know very soon that's for sure.  I am not overly bothered about my time as being honest I just have not been able to get out running to do the proper training in the past 6 weeks, and having ran a couple of marathons, there is no substitute for pounding the roads - there are no short cuts with this type of challenge!!

Operation 26.2 is now back on and I am starting to get into the running again.  If I get my medal here and run my last event in November which is the Mark Pollock "Run in the Dark" event,  this year will have been a record breaker for me in terms of achieving my fitness and health goals and getting way out of my comfort zone.  It bodes well for 2014 which I am already thinking about in terms of new goals and fitness challenges.

I am winning the MS war right now and I am hoping if I can nip this sinus problem in the bud that will help my all round health and well being moving forward.

So stay tuned and I will keep you posted on my progress.

#Attitude Is Everything