Dublin Marathon 2013 - Here we go....

This time tomorrow I will be an hour into my 3rd marathon in 3 years, and I am really looking forward to it at this stage.  Running a marathon is a terrific challenge to set yourself, and the benefits you get from committing to a challenge of this nature are huge from a health and welling perspective. 
It requires huge discipline for starters, as if you do not put the work in you wont be able to complete the race. A bit like life ey, if you don't work hard then you will not get as good a return.
From a mental point of view, especially for all virgin marathoners, its a fantastic achievement and an exhilarating feeling to cross the finish line after your first 26.2 miles - a tremendous effort. 

In 2011 I ran Belfast marathon and on crossing the finish line, it was one of the greatest feelings of my life.  Everyone has their own reasons for doing challenges, and for me in 2011 it was to prove to myself that even with Multiple Sclerosis, I can still challenge my body and be competitive.  Getting my medal gave me huge confidence in myself, which set the foundations at that time for me to embrace a new more positive approach to my condition and also my life in general.

This year I have completed a number of firsts, my first 67km adventure race in Donegal (brutal) my first triathlons (Derry & Belfast) and welcoming my first son into the world - by far the best of all.  Tomorrow I will do another first which will be completing the Dublin marathon and its a terrific feeling the day before the race.

For anyone following my journey, exercise has been a huge weapon in my fight against MS and the more I drill into it and research it, I am passionate and profound in my thinking regarding the fact that we all need to embrace exercise and better still the odd challenge now and again.  Its all about challenging yourself, getting out of your comfort zone, working hard to maintain your health, work hard to reach your goals - and embrace a real positive plan to health and fulfilment.

I am way short of achieving all of this, but day at a time, I will keep moving forward in a positive direction.

Remember all #Attitude Is Everything