2013 - Fitter and Stronger... Next Chapter ?

In 2013 I celebrated my 7th year of MS diagnosis - well I didn't really celebrate it, but I have been reflecting a lot over the past 12 months of what has been going on with my own life.  In 2003 I graduated at University of Ulster with a Real Estate degree and 10 years later, come this Tuesday I have been asked to be keynote speaker at the South West Graduation in Omagh - a great privilege for me.  To say the last 10 years has been eventful is an understatement.  In those 10 years, I have crammed in many things including moving house four times, built a new house, got married, adopted two dogs, had two children and also got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis - and that's just the half of it.

As I reflect two weeks from Christmas, I am very grateful for the past twelve months and for lots of reasons I am really looking forward to 2014.  Thankfully my health is good I am beating the MS currently as I rigidly stick to my three point plan 1)Medication 2)Diet & Exercise and a very 3) Positive Approach to your circumstances - I put this plan in place in 2010 and thankfully I have got stronger and stronger as each year has passed.

2013 was particularly good from an exercise point of view as I completed Dublin marathon, two triathlons, and an adventure race of 67km and ran over 500 miles of training runs  - a pretty good bench mark and achievement for me.  The plan for 2014, is to up the ante on my fitness goals and over Christmas I will be finalising my program.  I hope to compete in a number of Triathlons next year and also around the Summer compete in my first half Iron Man.  I am excited at the thought of raising the bar and also in the past week I have been accepted to run in the Berlin and New York marathons in September and November 2014.  So I will be busy alright and if I am lucky enough to stay healthy then I will be able to reach the dizzy heights I will be setting for myself which will be fantastic.

I have found since I started setting goals in the past three years, all aspects of my life continue to improve. Everyone needs a plan so I would certainly encourage everyone to consider this and put their own plan into play.  In January I will be launching my new website, which is looking great currently, and I will continue to blog throughout the year to keep you updated on my challenges, health and anything else that I am up to.  I can also share with you that I have been asked to write another book in 2014, which I will be starting in the Spring - so all things being equal, 2014 should be a great year.

Remember all #Attitude Is Everything