I had a reasonably quiet Christmas with the family and didn't venture out to far.  When you have a three year old and a little fella at six months, it was actually great to get back to work on the 4th of January for a break:)

Anyhow, as I continue to embrace a healthier lifestyle, I continue to gain the benefits of same, and certainly my MS must be pissed off as I continue to beat it consistently day by day - long may this continue.

2014 is a big year for me as I have set myself some lofty goals.  Since the turn of the year though my mind-set has been strong and I have thrown myself into my training program which involves training 5/6 days a week.  The diet part is going fine too and I have been able to keep the weight off and with my gym work the plan is to develop a strong core over the next few months helping me achieve my new PB for the London marathon in April.

This week I nailed a 10 mile run on Sunday pretty comfortably and on Tuesday at 7am I had an early bird quickish 5.5mile run with an aul fella I run with (Gmac) around Belfast City Centre which was a great work out.  Yesterday I was in the gym doing some cross training and this morning I did 20km on the bike with some core work.  All going well then and the plan is to keep this up over the next 10 weeks.  If I can stay injury free then I should be ready for London and already I am looking forward to the buzz.

Everyone has their own ideas of the optimum marathon training program.  mine is very simple.  I run twice during the week - one run say 4 miles at quick pace and another 6 miler at quick pace.  At the weekend I do my long run at a slower pace.  This weekend I will be up to 13.1, then 15 next week, 18 following week, 20 after that, 18 next week, 15 week after that, until I am ready to taper.  This combined with some cycling and swimming should get me to the starting line.

It s great to see so many people trying to get fitter currently but sadly most fall off the rails.  its FREE to exercise, so get moving as the benefits after time outweigh the effort required.  With so many people getting sick and dying of all sorts of illnesses, its so important to look after your body - you only have one.

So get out there and live Happily ever Active

#No Limits