Not long to go now - In just over two weeks I will have another marathon medal hanging proudly from my great wall at home, my second of 2014, and fourth in the last four years.  My current form of great health was a distant memory a few years back and I am determined to try and enjoy and be thankful that I have been able to reverse my multiple sclerosis with my plan this past few years.   In the last few weeks a number of people have contacted me to thank me for helping them believe that they too can fight back against illness and I have to tell you that this feedback is very uplifting and really keeps me focused and going.

A marathon is a great challenge for anyone.  26.2 miles of road running with thousands of others who all have the same goal of getting over the finish line in one piece.  Its a great feeling getting the medal at the end and very euphoric talking (if you have enough energy) to the other competitors, sharing experiences of the race.  The biggest inspirations for me on marathon day is each and every other runner.  Its incredible the range of people of all ages, shapes and sizes you see taking part in the event - truly inspiring.

I only decided to do Dublin a couple of weeks ago so yet again my training program and preparation has not been ideal.  I am hoping that my five triathlons over the summer have given me a good base and the plan is to take it slow and steady and enjoy the day.

In the next two weeks I will get a few shorter runs on the board to keep the body ticking over and eat plenty of nutritious food.  Hopefully all being well, I will be ready for my  second Dublin marathon at the end of the month.

Multiple Sclerosis is a terrible condition, and I just hope that over the last few years my positive comeback and ultimate achievement of reversing the condition and getting my body strong, will help others believe they can do too.


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