Yesterday i was invited to an event in Dublin being held by MS IRELAND.  It was to celebrate the first year anniversary of a blogging initiative set up by MS IRELAND.  This is where the organisation has went about trying to encourage MS Champions to blog about their experiences.  I personally find the initiative extremely powerful and its a tremendous way to spread awareness of MS.  I am glad to report that the initiative has been a roaring success with now many fantastic MS Champions from all over Ireland, blogging about their lives and how they manage the MS.

In terms of my own input to yesterdays event, i was asked to share with the group some of my thoughts on blogging and how you can take it to the next level.  I started a blog a few years ago as i felt it was a great way for me to get my very positive story out there about MS.  I have developed this blog quite a bit in this timescale, and i am glad to report that my work appears to be helping some people and also encourage them to fight back against adversity.  I have to share with you that this feeling is extremely rewarding.

For me the key to a good blog is to make sure you get whatever it is you are trying to say out there, in a very simple manner so everyone can understand it.  Its also important to keep the content straight forward and also i would suggest as succinct as possible.  People are very busy and also very tired.  The last thing me or anyone else wants to be doing is reading a long winded blog which is hard to understand.  To be frank, you won't get many people returning to your platform.

This year i decided to try something a little more creative and i started to invite people who i thought had great stories to share, onto my platform.  I have to say that this has been a tremendous success, and i have had some outstanding contributions from numerous people from MS champions to neurologists, to entrepreneurs.  

The thing about MS is that all of us have a story to share, all of us are on a journey and no story or experience is more interesting or better than anyone else's.  My own view is that if you feel like putting your thoughts and feelings down onto a blog, start straight away, start tonight, as the therapeutic effects alone of the action is very rewarding.

The one thing that stands out for me in terms of what i have got out of blogging about my journey, is that i do feel it has helped me come to terms with my life with MS alot quicker.  It has allowed me to open up about my thoughts and feelings, which especially for a man, is not that easy to do.

So i will continue on with my blogfest and keep an eye on my platform over the next period as I plan to be more active in this area over the coming months.



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