My New Website. . . .

Hi there, if you are reading this you have already found your way onto my new website, so thank you for taking the time to join me.  I first launched in 2010, and the goal was to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, by sharing by journey with the world.  Thankfully over the last four years through my site and other mediums, I have been able to do this, which is very gratifying.

My new website however will give you a closer look into my life and what makes me tick, as there is much more to me than Multiple Sclerosis.  I am very passionate about sharing my MS story, but equally passionate about sharing with people that in general, despite knockbacks through health, the workplace, relationships, bereavements can still go onto to fulfil your potential and achieve your goals.

I am also very passionate about business and hopefully in my new site you will see the progress I am making in this department and my enthusiasm for helping others reach their true entrepreneurial potential.

So moving forward, I will be talking all things MS, all things business, all things health and fitness and anything else that I feel is important enough to discuss through my blogs.

I hope you like my new site and contributions and at this point if you are thinking of getting a design team on board to help you with your own website or branding or anything else creative - you should get in touch with the team at A great team full of ideas and creativity. Thank you guys for putting this together - a great effort!

Catch you all soon


Tim McCulloughComment