This week I got back out on the roads after been off with an IT band problem for the past few weeks.  I was offered an anti inflammatory injection on Tuesday afternoon, but I wasn't too keen on that as to date with all the sport I have played in my 36 years I have been lucky to avoid the needle.

On Thursday I got a nice and easy 4 mile run under my belt and today I knocked out a 7 mile run.  The good news being that I had no pain in the left knee which was a great boost.  Over the next two weeks I will be taking it easy enough as I now just want to get to the start line in London injury free.  I also will have to reassess my goals as a PB is likely out of the question, as I haven't been able to stick to my training program.

Anyhow its just great to be back out there so onwards and upwards and already I am looking forward to cycling, running and swimming next week.

#LifeChanges #AttitudIsEverything

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