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For over forty years I have been living successfully with MS. During that time I was fortunate to have founded several businesses while enjoying an active life. I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

When I was first diagnosed with MS, I did a lot of research into the effects of MS and found a specialist who made important recommendations which I still follow. Doing so has enabled me to remain active and mobile. Gradually, however, the riggers of my business life began taking its toll. Two things helped me to deal with all the stresses of my work life: laughter and cutting back on my daily schedule.

As someone blessed with a good sense of humour, laughter always came easy. Often I played practical jokes on co-workers. Many of the stories about my practical jokes and pranks are included in my book “Just Laugh About It” which I often recommend to those suffering from everything from disease to depression. Point being, that being optimistic and not taking life too seriously is also good for us. Fellow MS sufferers often need a good laugh just to get through the day.

 Stress is also a huge issue for those of us with MS. In my case, having so many businesses also meant a lot of stress. I feared stress would be my downfall. As a result, I made the decision to sell some of my companies and to instead focus on just a few business activities. I didn’t give up all my businesses mind you, just those that required the most of my time and, as a result, must of my stress. I didn’t stop working. By most accounts, my entire work-life has been busy.

And, even more important, I was able to support my family and be a good provider. Something that has been immensely important to my own well-being.

Sid Baron

 Sid Baron is author of Just Laugh About It, The Way It Was, Through Dark Places, How I Survived Multiple Sclerosis, and Achieving Success in America. All of his books and biography information can be found at ExxelPublishing.com 

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