I have just had the pleasure of listening to a podcast by the great Dr George Jelinek, who spoke about how he advises people to fight against MS.  I think its appropriate to share this with you tonight as March is officially MS Awareness month.  MS is rampant now across the world, with one person being diagnosed every hour.  Its now more important than ever that everyone of us know a lot more about the condition, which will enable you to deal with it much better if it lands at your doorstep.

Dr Jelinek strongly recommends you completely change your life if you are an MS sufferer.  He encourages you to get on the plant based diet, avoiding meats and integrate exercise, meditation and supplements into your life.  He also advises you to consider DMD's and to study the various options open to you.  I would endorse everything Dr Jelinek is saying as I too have been able to stop the progression of MS within my own body by completely changing my lifestyle in 2009.  One point he made which I thought was incredibly simple is that your lifestyle and environment you keep,  is the one thing that will determine the progression of your MS.  If this is a fact then surely everyone will do something about this and change their ways.  Unfortunately this is not the case which is very difficult for me to understand.

MS is a condition where inflammation attacks the Central Nervous System, so its important to reduce the levels  of inflammation in your body.  An interesting point now accepted is that exercise acts as an anti inflammatory and there is now medical evidence to support the fact that 30 minutes of physical exercise a day is one way you can control your MS progression.  This is a far cry from the 1970's when they were advising people not to exercise.  So the moral of the story is  - start moving!!

In just over 4 weeks I will be running around the streets of London with another 50,000 people as I am competing in the London marathon.  From mile 1 to 26.2 I will be the happiest man in town as not only will I be running for myself, but also anyone in the world who suffers from MS.  Hopefully by my adventures, I am helping a few other people believe that they too, can take back their lives and take control of the MS.


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