IRONMAN . . . .

For those of you who regularly follow my blog and tweets you will be well use to the fact that in the past four years I have challenged myself both mentally and physically with the amount adventure races, marathons and training programs I have committed to. Truthfully its been a great experience and my body (most of the time) is certainly now more accustomed to the training and I 100% believe that the exercise programs I have committed to,  have been enabling me to keep my body and mind strong and more importantly the Multiple Sclerosis at bay.

Since a young boy I have always been extremely competitive, right through my teens playing sport and onwards through my university life. I have also taken this spirit and competitive edge with me into the business arena and so far so good.  I believe it to be a useful trait and if managed accordingly and sensibly is a characteristic most should try and culture.

Over the last few months I have made a decision to challenge my mind and body to the ultimate adventure.  The plan for me now is to train hard for the next twelve months and complete a full IRONMAN in 2015.  For those of you who are not familiar with this event - its regarded as the toughest endurance adventures man can tackle and combines three sports into the one challenge.  To complete and Ironman you must complete a 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike ride and then finish with a marathon.... all 26.2 miles. Even typing this is making me tired!!!

I have studied the requirements and spoke to my family on the matter as its a huge commitment, and the plan now  is to tackle this one head on.  I will also be working on my second book along the way so the next twelve months are going to be busy but hopefully extremely rewarding.

I will keep you posted with developments, events and training and some videos/podcasts, and hope you enjoy following my progress over the next twelve months.

I thoroughly believe all of us need to challenge ourselves a lot more, get out of our comfort zones and continue to grow and prosper.  I believe this challenge will keep me on my toes. . . . . . .  literally.

To the MS Community - I am not advocating you to strive for similar lofty goals.  What I am saying to you is to continue to challenge yourself with your own Ironman - which for some could be to walk unaided for 100 metres and for others to leave the wheelchair behind for 10 minutes - Incredible progress!!

Whatever it is, make sure its your own goal and your own challenge and get on with it.

Remember all - Everything is possible and with the right plan and attitude, you can achieve your dreams.



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