Washington Ireland Program Birthday Celebrations

On Saturday morning I had the great privilege of speaking at the 20th birthday of the Washing Ireland program at Titanic Quarter in Belfast.  This organisation was set up over 20 years ago with the main aim of promoting peace and reconciliation throughout the province through the younger generation.  It was very interesting for me to hear of the tremendous work that has been done in this timeframe, and also engage with many of the people who have went through the program over the last number of years.  For someone who is interested in meeting and conversing with people especially our young people - this was a great treat for me.

I was one of three speakers which included the legendary entrepreneur and visionary Mr Tom Wheeler from the USA and also local entrepreneur Mr Danny Moore who created and sold his software company Wombat for some £200m in the last few years - not a bad piece of business....

My session gave me the opportunity to share with the group my own journey to date both in business and also overcoming challenges in terms of my Multiple Sclerosis condition. What I was keen to get across to the group was the fact that in real life scenarios you need to be ready for the knock backs and the unexpected.  I shared with them that one of the main tools that will enable you to do this and give you the coping mechanisms to deal with challenges, is to become a student of personal development.

I had the opportunity to meet and chat with the groups afterwards and thankfully it appears my message was well received.

I have been very fortunate in my short life to date in that a number of people have invested in me and helped me develop my skillset.  This is an on-going exercise and one that I am committed to.  However when I am asked to speak to such groups as WIP, I am always grateful of the opportunity and get a lot out of sharing some of my theories with the up and coming generation.

In the next few weeks I and out speaking at a number of events across Ireland, and certainly looking forward to a huge event in Vienna, Austria at the end of June.

Onwards and upwards.


Conor DevineComment