HEALTH & WELLBEING             

Yesterday I was invited along to European Multiple Sclerosis Conference annual convention.  This is held in different cities across Europe, but this year it was in Dublin, so I didn't have too far to travel on this occasion.  The conference itself was excellent.  They had a great range of speakers and it was very informative and well organised by EMSP.

In the last twelve months I have attended a number of International events all with one main goal in common - "To improve the lives of MS patients across the world".

What always gets me at these events is the range of problems MS can cause people.  No two people are affected the same, and most of us have a range of sensory and motor problems which can be very debilitating.  It really is a nasty condition.

My general view would be that the MS Community can be very hopeful and positive about the future.  The information flow, medical research and investment that is going into this whole area is incredible.  There are a huge amount of people who are working diligently, day in and day out to get to the bottom of the condition.  Last year in Milan one neurologist told me that he felt there would be a cure in place in 10 years - an incredible comment from someone working in the field.

Ok so lots to be positive about - yes that is correct...!

However one point I want to make is that there are very few people in the world who are talking about another way to tackle multiple sclerosis.  It does appear that 100% of the conversation around getting a hold of the condition is around conventional medicine and medical research.  For anyone who has followed my own journey, my ability to arrest the condition In 2010 and subsequently get stronger over the last few years, was only part down to the drugs available in my view.  Nutrition and exercise has played a huge part in my own road to recovery and I now know having a lot of contacts across the world - I am not alone in  this regard.

Dr Terry Wahls and Dr George Jelinek are two neurologists, who suffer from MS , who are advocating nutrition and exercise as two ways of arresting the condition and getting back to health.  They have both backed up my own experience in terms of turning the condition on its head.  They have both written their own books on the subject (which are excellent) and have backed up their theories with scientific evidence.

My question is why do these educated medical experts, who actually suffer from MS appear to be lone voices?

I believe that over the next few months and years we all have a responsibility to get this message out - the right message that will help the MS Family understand the condition better and then the patient can make the right choices him/herself.  I have always been of the opinion that most people, if you give them the correct information, will be able to work out what is best for them in terms of getting their body back to health and fulfilment.

My goal over the next few years, using my own experience of living with MS and that of others who I am in contact with, is to try and help the MS community reverse their own symptoms and take control back of their body, minds and ultimately their lives.

There is a lot of work to do, but the future certainly looks bright!