Champions Everywhere . . .

This past seven days have been fairly hectic but a great experience all the same.  The highlights of the week had to be my three speaking engagements, which were all great but very different.  Last Tuesday morning I was asked to come along and speak to members of the business community of North Down by the Lord Mayor Mr Andrew Muir.  It was a breakfast get together and over 100 local entrepreneurs attended.  My talk was about dealing with and overcoming challenges to go on and make progress in business.  I enjoyed the session and more importantly the feedback form the Mayor and attendees was great.

On Friday past, I was very pleased and honoured to be one of two guest speakers at the MS Ireland lunch in the beautiful Four Seasons in Dublin.  The room was full of MS activists, carers, patients and supporters of the MS family.  I was really looking forward to sharing my message at this event as I knew I was talking to people who want to make a difference to the lives of people like myself.  My talk was well received and I think I made some key points, namely by encouraging the MS Community to start to take control of their own wellbeing and to empower themselves on a road to recovery.  However the highlight of my last seven days came when a young lady who travelled from Tralee to hear me speak at the lunch, introduced herself to me and we had a conversation.  She went on to tell me her story and her life with MS.  As I listened to her account and her strength, determination and character, I was blown away.  We spoke for just over five minutes, however the impact of meeting this lady has made a great impression on me and also made me more aware that I must continue with my own work to spread awareness of Multiple Sclerosis across the world.

On Saturday I was back in Dublin as a guest to a group of MS patients in Liffey Valley.  I made a short presentation and afterwards had an opportunity to meet the various MS patients and share stories and experiences.  It was terrific to be amongst people who are so inspiring and strong and dealing with adversity in a very humble way - a great way to spend a Saturday.

The moral of the story for me this week is that there are champions everywhere.  All around us, people who wont give up and continue to get up every day to face their challenges.  What I would say is that I include everyone in this category.  Just because you haven't been diagnosed with an illness, doesn't mean you don't have challenges.  Life is difficult right now for most of us, but I do believe that if you open your mind to the possibility that things will / can improve, you are on the right track.

Have a great week all.


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