Today has become one of the most important days in the Calendar for the #MSFAMILY.  Its fair to say that with the world becoming a much smaller place due largely to the developments in technology and transport, World MS day, gives all of us the opportunity to raise the profile of that nasty terrorist that attacks our bodies for some reason -  Multiple Sclerosis.

For me World MS day is to be celebrated and certainly allows me to share with others what MS is all about, my own personal story where I have been able to arrest and reverse the condition, and also communicate with others and listen to their own experiences of dealing with the condition.  Through the power of social network, World MS Day is now celebrated the world over, giving this nasty problem the spotlight for 24 hours.

MS is a very nasty auto immune problem that endeavours to wipe people out in their prime.  Nobody really knows why it happens although there are a few theories.  In short I am very optimistic about what the future holds for the MS Family.  I say that because if you look at the progress that has been made in the last twenty years, it really has been incredible.

Twenty years ago there were no disease modifying drugs, no expertise around the impact of changing your environment and diet, and generally little hope for patients.  Today its the opposite.  The facts are the medics are slowly but surely starting to work MS out, and more importantly we now know that if we make the right lifestyle changes and adopt the right environment, then we can fight back against the MS and take back control of our bodies.

So lots to be positive about however there is still a mega amount of work to be done,  We need more positive stories, more medical progress and more data and information around the power of nutrition and the environment.

So have a great day everyone and thanks for reading my blog.  The future looks bright for the #MSFAMILY.

Happy World MS Day :-)


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