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I have just returned from a five day family holiday in the lovely Majorca.  We went to Alcudia in the north part of the island and had a great time.  The weather was terrific and the resort well tailored to the needs of a young family.

I have noticed over the last number of years that whenever I am in a hot climate, my general wellbeing improves immensely.  As many of my followers are aware I have been able to control and also reverse my MS symptoms, but from time to time I have smaller flare ups.  Over the years these have become less regular.  However I have also immersed myself in a lot of research around wellbeing, with the goal of getting my own body to it's optimum health and also encouraging and helping others how they may also achieve same.

So lets try and nail this one on the head: Sunlight, is it good or bad for you?  Is it good for the MS family?

The answer very simple for both groups is absolutely 100% YES -  sunlight is good for you.  Let me qualify this for you.  Research is now clearly showing that sunlight exposure is essential for optimum health.  Going a step further than that the evidence is growing that inadequate sunlight exposure particularly during winter, increases the chances of susceptible people developing Multiple Sclerosis.

Again let me qualify this.  I do not mean you lye out and hog the sun for hours upon hours, absolutely not - that would be a bad idea.  However research is now saying that 10-15 minutes of sunlight, 3-5 times a week promotes optimum health.  It has also become clear that by taking vitamin D, the hormone produced in the body by exposure to sunlight, has been clearly shown to reduce the risk of developing MS - pretty startling facts I would suggest.

Over the last number of years there is an epidemic of  vitamin D deficiency due to sun avoidance in western countries, and its widely accepted that sun avoidance is now becoming more harmful than over exposure.  Going further than that, it was estimated in the United States that sun avoidance cost the US $40-56million in terms of the net costs for the health consequences.

My mum still says to me that a wee bit of anything wont do you too much harm.  In relation to sunlight, she is absolutely right.  Living in Northern Ireland we mostly see the sun on the television which is why I make sure that I get away at least two to three times a year so I can load up on the Vitamin D.

So YES sunlight is a necessity for optimum health.


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