This morning I set off at 7am on my bike, and the plan was to get 50 miles in today.  I haven't been able to get out on the bike much this past few months with the demands of family and business life, so was looking forward to getting some decent miles on the board.

One of the things about cycling is that its a fairly sociable thing to get into and this morning there were four of us out pounding the roads, which was great.  The world cup, holidays, health, exercise, work, was the subject of conversation and the four hours passed quickly enough apart from the hills.

Over the next few months the plan is to get out on the bike a lot more as I up my Ironman training.  This morning was great which was largely down to the weather so hopefully we have a decent \summer and I will be able to get a lot more miles on the bike and get my body into decent shape for the adventures that await.

If your thinking about getting a bike and getting out on the roads, I would encourage it as its a great way to unwind and also get some much needed exercise in.


Conor DevineComment