Life is not over . . . Life simply changes #MS

International Guest Blog :: 	 Mr Bill Sinak, Saint Louis USA		

May 15th 1993 is the day I will always remember as D Day (Diagnosis Day). That is the day I was told after weeks of tests "you have 
MS".  I was somewhat of a newly wed living a wonderful life with my 
wife and our new 3 month old daughter Julianne.  I was very active, healthy and strong.  One day I woke up with my face numb and 
tingling in my right arm.  My Dr. told me the best way to fight this disease is to stay as healthy as I possibly could and keep a 
positive attitude.  I took his advice to heart and have done 
everything possible including eating right, exercise, take my meds, and not let MS get in my way of living a full life. 
Since then, I have participated in 21 straight MS 150 bike tours andcompleted 19 marathons and numerous other half marathons.  
Being diagnosed with MS does NOT mean life is over.  It means life
has  simply "changed". To me, it meant living life with more of a 
purpose, a reason to take my health more serious.  Staying as 
healthy as possible helps us stay not only physically stronger to 
deal with the effects of MS, but mentally stronger to deal with 
those tougher days when MS rears it's ugly head.  
You don't need to do crazy things like run marathons or do 100 mile
bike rides, but find your balance and do whatever you can to stay 
physically and mentally strong.  I can also say that reaching out to others to help them through their MS struggles, gives back to you 
100 fold.  The satisfaction of knowing you are using your diagnosis to help and be an example and inspiration to others, gives you
purpose and energy to continue the fight. 

Best of luck to all of you diagnosed with MS and remember. 
NEVER GIVE UP.  Attitude is Everything! 


Bio: Bill is an avid runner, completed 19 no. marathons. keen cyclist and lives life to the full.  Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1993, he decided he wasn't going to let the condition hold him back and now promotes a healthy lifestyle as one way of fighting and reversing the condition. He continues to inspire me personally and many people throughout the world through the power of social networking amongst other mediums, with his activities and resolute determination.  A true MS Warrior !

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