Today I stretched myself a little further.  I swam over 100 lengths of the pool which was just over 1 mile.  This is a big deal for me as it was only last year that I started to apply myself to the swimming.  Yet again  I have proved to myself with a little dedication, passion and determination, you can do almost anything.

As I was leaving the gym I bumped into a guy who has inspired me this past few years to keep going.  Lets call him Mark.  Mark was in a bad accident in 2009 and ended up with severe brain damage.  His injuries meant he couldn't walk or talk properly for over 12 months.  I first started to notice Mark in the gym around 2010, when I myself started back exercising again after my MS diagnosis. At that time he was in real distress doing even the simplest of tasks.  His determination though inspired me to keep going back, which I did.

Today Mark was in great form and his speech is back to nearly 100%.  His walking is also great although he does walk with a limp.  I asked him what was his secret.  He told me for the last 5 years he has been going to a brain injury clinic twice a week and has stuck to a recovery plan rigidly.  He told me that his brain has been repairing itself since the day of the accident.  He is eating well and exercising as much as he can, which is helping his body recover.  He was in good spirits.

Marks story is not alone.  There are many Marks all over the world, who despite the odds being stacked against them, with the right plan and attitude, you can put a plan in place that will allow your brain and body recover.  What a great story this is, and it was a real pick me up chatting with Mark earlier.

For anyone who is faced with adversity right now, its important to believe that with the right plan  and application, you can also recover.


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